BELMONT, Ohio (WTRF) – There are now 2,640 names on the Heroes Wall outside the Tri-State Military Museum, now that two new panels were added Tuesday. 

It’s been a labor of love for the museum for the past four years.

The museum is located in American Legion Post 312 on Barrister Street in Belmont.

The front panels contains the names of veterans from the Revolutionary War to World War I, with World War II through the present day on the back.

Any person who served honorably in any American war can have their name on the wall, for $100.

The existence of the museum is a compelling reason to keep the American Legion Post 312 alive, despite the recent closures of many fraternal organizations. Commander Terry Puperi said it’s one of the few posts that is not a bar and does not serve alcohol. It exists as a gathering place for veterans to talk, share stories and support each other through their unique experiences. 

He urges anyone leaving the military to join the American Legion.