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Skeleton on the lawn grabs people’s attention

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MARTINS FERRY, Ohio (WTRF) – If you’ve driven down South Zane Highway, you’ve probably seen him.

“Skinny the Skeleton” has become an iconic figure on the lawn of the Lance Maguire family.

Skinny is sometimes a man of action, sometimes a fan of relaxation. And he has developed a fan base.

People will get off at Aetna Street and take the long way home just to see Skinny.

Lance Maguire

One day I was driving by and noticed traffic was all stopped and everybody was looking up at the sky. I looked up and here’s an American Bald Eagle flying around, also trying to figure out what it was.

Bridgette Hardy, Owner, Cloud 9 Salon and Spa

Skinny is posed in many different scenarios, according to the season.

He’s among the Halloween decorations, then he’s carrying them off the lawn in a wheelbarrow. He set an “Acme turkey trap” before Thanksgiving, and then he sat down to a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Day. He decorated for Christmas, wrestling with the lights. In the spring, he hauled out the swimming pool, filled it with water and then relaxed with his feet in the pool while getting a tan.

For a while, he could be seen cutting the grass.

He’s a terrible grass cutter. I had to relieve him of that duty.

Lance Maguire

Now he has a little friend, “Mini Skinny”, joining in his exploits.

It’s so much fun to drive by and see the changes he goes through every week. He dresses up for every occasion. I absolutely adore it!

Bridgette Hardy, Owner, Cloud 9 Salon and Spa

Maguire said his daughter gave Skinny his name.

His accessories are things people were throwing out, like the baby pool and the lawn mower. And he gets a few items at the dollar store. 

What’s next for Skinny? Maguire’s still thinking. So stand by. 

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