TRIADELPHIA, W.Va. (WTRF) – There’s nothing like a hug from a teddy bear. It’s a favorite children’s toy that always brings comfort when you need it. 

Some teddy bears made the trip to WVU Medicine Children’s on Thursday to bring love ahead of the holiday season, but these aren’t just ordinary stuffed animals. They’re so special that they received a police escort to being their journey. 

That’s what it’s all about the kids.

Mike DeArdo, Neighborhood Ford Store

At Neighborhood Ford Store it’s all about the kids, which is why the “Teddy Bear Truck” was packed with bears ready to cuddle with some children who need a little extra love. 

Children get great care here in the valley, but sometimes they need a little extra and that’s when WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital really helps out. It’s a very special place and it’s a very special place to our dealers.

Nancy Lewis, Neighborhood Ford Store

The auto dealerships around the region donated all these bears to WVU Medicine Children’s annual Community Toy Drive that’s happening on Sunday in Morgantown. 

I think that everybody has to give back to something right? This has been our mission and Neighborhood Ford Store. 

Mike DeArdo, Neighborhood Ford Store
Jim Robinson of Neighborhood Ford Store with members of law enforcement who escorted the Teddy Bear Truck.

To make sure these bears started their trip safely cruisers from the West Virginia State Police, Ohio County Sheriff’s Department and Wheeling Police Department were ready with lights flashing to get the truck to the highway. 

I think law enforcement today recognizes that we are trying to become more part of the community as opposed to a law enforcement branch or a branch of government, so anytime we have the chance out reach out and help the community we embrace that. 

Major Rod Vaught, Ohio County Sheriff’s Department

While the Community Toy Drive happens around the holiays, the donated items are gifted to patients and their siblings year-round as they receive treatment at the hospital to bring brightness to what could be a difficult time. 

I think sometimes as much as the kids need the bears, so do the parents and we want to provide that little extra comfort.

Nancy Lewis, Neighborhood Ford Store

The WVU Medicine Children’s Community Toy Drive is this Sunday at Waterfront Place in Morgantown from Noon until 3:00 p.m.

All items must be new and unwrapped for children from newborn to 18-years-old. WVU Medicine asks that they be small to medium sized because larger items are hard for families to transport.

Since that’s far to go, the hospital also has an online page where you can donate.

All the details can be found here.