NEW MARTINSVILLE, W.Va. (WTRF) – Regular music festival goers usually have a lot to put up with.

Huge crowds, few camping spaces and outrageous ticket prices are par for the course—but none of that will be true in Wetzel County this weekend.

Organizers of the Back Home Festival describe it as a professional-quality festival with a small-town feel.

The Friday and Saturday concerts are contained entirely in the riverside city and are entirely free.

Extended improvisations will fill the air from bluegrass and jam bands like Yonder Mountain String Band and Ekoostik Hookah.

Organizers say the tie dye, gems and stones seen on attendees reflect the festival’s friendly spirit.

It’s kind of hokey but it is a lot of peace and love. Everyone here is happy. So happy. We don’t have annoyed people here, people come in, they’re looking to spend their weekend, and just have a really nice time with the new friends that they meet.

Holly Morgan, President and CEO, Wetzel County Convention and Visitors Bureau

The festival will be capped off with a silent disco at New Martinsville’s marina.

They say to be on the look out for a Macy’s Parade-sized alien sighting as well.