WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — You don’t have to be able to sing….but you have to be able to fake it.

A Special Wish Foundation is once again bringing stars from around the Ohio Valley to move their lips and shake their hips at the Capitol Theatre on October 14th at 7 p.m.

This year’s Lip Sync Challenge will feature John Rataiczak, Lieutenant Josh Sanders, Lea Ridenhour, Taylor Rys and Emily Shortall.

The crowd they draw will support the wishes granted to children on both sides of the river.

While the preparation can be intense, they’re happy to pick up a microphone for the kids.

“The Special Wish Foundation is a really great organization. So what better way to support that than going out and being a little silly and putting on a show for everybody?”

Taylor Rys, Augusta Levy Learning Center

“Oh, I absolutely love A Special Wish organization. This is the only organization that I would get out on stage and make a fool out of myself so that attests to how much I believe in A Special Wish.”

Emily Shortall, Harvey Goodman

“I really want this to be a banger, you know? I want it to be a lot of fun for the crowd. And I want to draw in some folks to make raising money for A Special Wish foundation.”

Lt. Josh Sanders, Wheeling Police

The songs they’ll be miming to are a secret for the judges and the audience, so unfortunately they couldn’t give any hints.

But they say you’ll be entertained…and Lieutenant Sanders promises to bring a posse along.