WEIRTON, W.Va. (WTRF) — It’s been known for more than a century as a steel town—but more than anything, Weirton is defined by its residents and the community they built.

That’s why the city inducted eight citizens into their Hall of Fame Sunday, many of whom have dedicated decades enriching Weirton life.

They were nominated in categories like business, philanthropy and fine arts and include current Mayor Harold Miller and longtime doctor Myer Bogarad.

Weirton’s Assistant City Manager says that despite being in different fields, each of them share a genuine love for where they live.

“They are a great role model for us to follow, to say, you know, we love our city, let’s make it great and they do that and they have put it in through different avenues…I tell you not only do they have the wherewithal to make our city better, they have the heart.”

DeeAnn Pulliam, Weirton Assistant City Manager

The honorees are the latest additions to a list of outstanding people that’s been growing since 2009.

Here are the new members of the Weirton Hall of Fame and their categories:

  • Mayor Harold Miller, Public Service
  • Nick Tranto, Public Service
  • Kathleen Granato, Business
  • Vanessa Beaver, Business
  • Janice Torrance, Music and Fine Arts
  • Karen Gould, Education and Religion
  • Tracy Ohalek, Education and Religion
  • Dr. Myer Bogarad, Industry and Professions