(WTRF) – There’s a group of women in the Ohio Valley, trying to empower women to achieve their career goals and you can join them!

WELD, or Women for Economic Leadership and Development, is a national organization, but they have a chapter here in the Upper Ohio Valley. 

Lifting women up and giving them the skills, the connection, the programming to support them wherever they’re at is imperative if we want to have more women in leadership roles.

Laruen Hersey, WELD Upper Ohio Valley

WELD Upper Ohio Valley has been together for about two years trying to continue the mission of lifting women up in their careers.

The group would like more women to join them at the WELD National Leadership Conference that’s coming up on June 23. The event will give women tools to improve their lives both professionally and personally. 

If you’re interested in attending, the WELD National Leadership Conference, it will be held on June 23 at Otterbein University in Columbus. 

There are nearly 30 different speakers and sessions. Attendees can choose the ones that they think will benefit them the most. 

If you’d like more information, visit weldusa.org.