Wheeling, W.Va. (WTRF) – Wheeling’s yearly celebration of our country’s most famous civil rights leader reaches far beyond the Friendly City’s boundaries—they make sure to include talented kids from across the Mountain State.

The YWCA fielded submissions for the 2022 Project on Racism late last year, asking kindergarten through 12th graders to submit music, an essay or a five-minute movie on a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King.

He said “it’s the quality, not the quantity, of one’s life that makes a difference,” and each student was tasked with relating to that philosophy in their own way.

Organizer Ron Scott Jr. says he was impressed with how the youngest contestants related to such complex topics.

When you talk about quality of life and longevity of life, it’s tough to get that point across to K through 5th graders. But a lot of them were very reflective when they talked about how their life is now, and how you know, they have a dog, and when their pap was young, he didn’t have a dog, and things like that.

Ron Scott Jr., Cultural Diversity and Community Outreach Director, Wheeling YWCA

The winners of the grand prize will be honored Monday at the Laughlin Chapel, following this Sunday’s march on Martin Luther King Way near the Windmill.