OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Wheeling Heath Right has been taking care of the community through the COVID-19 pandemic, all while keeping the staff and patients safe. And Monday, their Board of Directors recognized their hard work by treating them to some delicious food!

Wheeling Heath Right has continued to operate at full capacity, with more and more telehealth. But in-person visits have never stopped.

Susan Hagan, a Board Member of Wheeling Health Right, told 7News “trying to take some of the burden off of the hospitals and even MedExpress, with all that they’re going through, and we saw that they were working so hard and with all of the new precautions and everything in place, they test everybody when they come in, they do a questionnaire, they do all of this stuff to make sure people are healthy, they haven’t stopped seeing patients they added telehealth, they added a psychiatric nurse practitioner right before all of this started trying to pick up some of the mental health stuff that went down after OVMC closed as well, so they’ve taken on all this new stuff and they’re working so hard that we as a Board decided maybe a little reward for them.”

To show their gratitude, their Board of Directors called upon Ideal Provisions food truck to deal out their best fare.

Kathie Brown, the Executive Director of Wheeling Health Right, said “the staff are just crazy busy, the dental staff they’re coming in for emergencies, we’re also seeing sick patients everyday, but we didn’t want anybody who wasn’t sick to come, now we’re starting to loosen up just a little bit because we have people with real problems that need addressed but they aren’t considered COVID- related.”

And Monday’s stop is just one of many ways the purveyors of the most suitable sustenance are helping out.

Ideal Provisions Co-Owner, Dean Barath, said”one of the managers saw that we were giving out free meals to local kids…printing masks, we’re printing ear savers, we’re printing face shields on 3D printers, we’ve probably given over 50 masks and ear savers and stuff to our customers because we want to protect our customers you know you got to take care of your community like I always say, there’s a unity in community and there’s a reason for it.”

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