WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Over 100 years of Friendly City history sits in a house just off National Road—and it can be yours.

Sibs Antique Store is holding an estate sale at a home belonging to the John Hazlett family on Echo Point Circle this weekend.

Their more than 4000 books were all that were on sale today.

But tomorrow and Sunday, all four floors will be open for buyers to explore.

Inside the Victorian rooms sit glassware, vinyl records, toy soldiers and decades’ worth of collectibles.

Behind the countless trinkets lie just as many memories.

There were people in this morning, the gentleman remembers, when he was a child and I believe he’s about 90 now, when he was a child sitting on the carpet in this house with his soldiers, with one of the Hazlett men with their soldiers with one other person comparing their soldiers just like kids do with their Matchbox toys today.

Debbie Lund, Sibs

They say it’s taken three months to get everything in the house priced and ready.

Come ready to explore from 9-4 Saturday and from 10-2 on Sunday.