OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Governor Jim Justice’s announcement about West Virginia urging a fourth COVID vaccination came as a surprise to everyone, from citizens to county health departments.

In Ohio County, Health Administrator Howard Gamble pointed out that it’s just a request to the CDC to allow West Virginia to provide a fourth dose to citizens. He said it will only take place if the CDC approves it, and in any case, it won’t happen immediately.

It is for people age 50 and over, and for those who work in health care.

Gamble said West Virginia is bordered by other state and often residents of one state work in another.

So, that brings up questions.

So the big question would be who is eligible? Just West Virginia residents? Or individuals from bordering states who work in a West Virginia health care institution, or those who happen to be 50 or over and work in a large business that serves West Virginia residents?

Howard Gamble, Health Administrator, Ohio County Health Department

He also said it’s unclear when the fourth shot would be administered—perhaps four months out from the person’s booster, or six.

Howard added it is a natural progression for many types of immunizations to require periodic boosters.