According to a TSA website, more than 65 million people will travel over spring beak this year. 

For those folks, there is some amazing technology available to keep their homes safe while they are out of town. 

Many tech experts recommend items such as smart cameras. They allow you to see an HD picture, on your smart phone, of the outside of your door. You can also speak to a person outside your door with a smart doorbell.  

Another safety option are smart locks. 

“A lot of time we have neighbors and stuff like that, that will get out mail for us, so we have things like smart locks that will allow you to have them come into the house,” explained Ben Westfall, Sales Supervisor at Best Buy at The Highlands. “You can just let them in one time and drop the mail off and they can go and re-lock the house for you.”  

Another popular option are smart lights. When set to a timer, they make it look like someone is home during the evening hours.