Health officials warn that Strep A is unique in that it can lead to other diseases, most notably strep throat.

It can also lead to impetigo, scarlet fever and cellulitis.

Ohio County Health Department Administrator Howard Gamble says nationally, health officials are seeing an increase in Strep A.

He says that’s a concern for public health because it can lead to so many other problems and because there’s no vaccine to prevent it.

He says if a child gets strep throat, the long-accepted Go-To treatment is Amoxicillin.

But now there’s a problem.

“We are now seeing a decrease in the availability of Amoxicillin across the country,” said Gamble. “And also of other over-the-counter products, which are cold and flu meds for kids. There is concern about a decrease in their availability as well.”

Gamble says if you—or your child—experiences a sore or red throat, difficulty swallowing or loss of voice, he advises getting seen quickly by a doctor.

He says the sooner you are treated, the better.

And he says above all, stay home if you’re sick.