TRIADELPHIA, W.Va. (WTRF) – Technology has always been a growing sensation but with the COVID-19 pandemic, technology has almost taken over.

Work meetings have moved to the Zoom app and some families are now strictly communicating via group Facetime.

However, once the coronavirus dies down and life goes back to before, will this new “norm” stick around?

At first, it was a little uncomfortable to work from home if you have never worked from home, but as we have noticed, as things go on the past month or so we have seen people adopting these technologies more and more and investing in these technologies and since they are liking and they are adopting these technologies, what we are finding is I think Zoom meetings and teams meetings are probably going to be the new norm for awhile.

L.J. Zavacky, Supervisor/Field Operation – TSG Technology

As individuals become more comfortable with these technologies, they may be more willing to continue to incorporate them into life after the virus.

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