Don’t feel safe to take your vacation? Travel agents help navigate the cancellations


WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – To travel or not to travel?

Vacation seekers across the country are struggling with that dilemma.

With the thought of possibly losing money, or the daunting task of rescheduling, many people feel they just have to take the chance and go, but a local travel agent says no, there are ways out.

The first time it was we were the victim. This time it’s our fault and we’ve gotta stay distancing. We gotta keep using masks until we chase this thing away because the minute we let our guard down, now there’s a lot of repercussions.

Bill Bryson, Owner, Uniglobe Ohio Valley Travel

Uniglobe Ohio Valley Travel sees those consequences each day in the multitude of canceled and postponed trips.

They’ve been dealing it with the cancellations in waves. First were those who had something booked for May through July that rescheduled for 2021. Next were those hoping for later this summer. Finally it was making sure protocols are in place for Uniglobe’s summer motorcoach trips.

While they recommend using an agency to take care of your itinerary from the start, they have been offering advice to others who booked trips on their own.

It’s the old song know when to hold ’em and when to fold’em.

Bill Bryson, Owner, Uniglobe Ohio Valley Travel

That’s right, wait it out.

If your trip is still on the horizon it could be best not to cancel too early.

If you cancel before the supplier cancels, then you are subject to the penalties. At that point they’re saying we’re going, you choose not to go, that’s your option, but then here’s the result.

Bill Bryson, Owner, Uniglobe Ohio Valley Travel

Even if you decide to cancel on your own, it’s still a waiting game.

It may take hours to get through, but Bryson said you have to stay on hold with the companies as long as it takes. The advantage of a travel agent though is they will do that for you.

Many of the Caribbean islands are starting to open again, so those vacations could come down to just picking new dates.

Cruises are still canceled.

If you had plans to go visit the world’s most famous mouse, this one will take some research and maybe even help from the pros.

With Disney it’s even more complicated because now each park has a limit, but you have to find out if you can even get in the park on the days you’re going to be there.

Bill Bryson, Owner, Uniglobe Ohio Valley Travel

I have insurance I’ll be fine, has that crossed your mind?

Bryson cautioned it’s recommended to take the insurance no matter how you book your trip, but it won’t help you here.

Turns out, a global pandemic isn’t covered.

If you get sick and can’t go, different story, but because something happened and it was canceled because of the pandemic, the insurance in most cases wasn’t covering that.

However, we hear in most cases ‘oh there’s no way I’m going to go so I’m not going to take the insurance’. Bad answer because it’s never what you think.

Bill Bryson, Owner, Uniglobe Ohio Valley Travel

Bryson added even though there may not be much they can do if you didn’t book through them, they’re happy to offer advice and answer questions.

Re-booking airline tickets you will more than likely have to take care of on your own because arrangements can usually only be changed by the person who made the reservation.

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