Expert outlines critical steps in coronavirus disaster plan


You see it everywhere you turn–on the news, on social media. The coronavirus has been the talk of the nation in recent weeks.

As health officials research methods to prevent the spreading of the virus any further, one expert says the first step should be to create a plan.

Whether it is a natural disaster or virus, it is always important to keep your family fully prepared.

Patrick Hardy, a disaster preparedness expert, says a plan creates a sense of calmness and less confusion when you know what steps should be taken.

You have to have specific steps and some people need to know where they are going to go, How they are going to handle it, how do you sequester yourself — all of those things are outlined in a really good disaster plan.

Patrick Hardy, disaster preparedness expert

Hardy says there are three major necessities when it comes to a coronavirus disaster plan, starting with prevention.

So, insuring that people have steps to prevent the infection. Especially, if it is already ramped in their communities and their counties and states.

Patrick Hardy, disaster preparedness expert

The second step of a well thought-out disaster plan is how do you quarantine yourself and your family?

If you have decided or you’ve learned that the outbreak is so severe that there is a large causality rate in your community, you want to try and sequester yourself from everyone else.

Patrick Hardy, disaster preparedness expert

Additional tips for this step includes staying at least six feet or more from the person who delivers something to your residence. Or have a safe place near your home where they can drop it off.

The last step in a disaster plan should only be used in the most severe cases.

You may decide to evacuate out of the community itself. So, you may actually decide you are going to leave the area until it has been contained by public health authorities.

Patrick Hardy, disaster preparedness expert

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