TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — As more places require proof of vaccines, more fake vaccination cards are turning up.

The FBI said anyone caught using one will face charges.

State and federal leaders are cracking down on people making and selling fake COVID-19 vaccination cards.

You can buy them online. One Twitter account called vaccinationcard said its selling them for $25. It then takes you to the Telegram app where you’re prompted to send a message.

People were shown the phony card and said:

“It shows that you’ve been vaccinated and when you got vaccinated too, and your first and second dose,” Daniel Schur said.

“Yeah they look legit,” Evan Cogley said.

When Evan Cogley found out it wasn’t legit, he wasn’t amused.

“It’s dumb, why would you get a fake vaccine card when you could get it for free,” Cogley said.

Earlier this year, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody called on eBay, Shopify, and Twitter to stop scammers from selling fraudulent COVID-19 vaccination cards on their platforms.

A letter from Moody and other attorneys general reads, “These deceptive cards threaten the health of our communities, slow progress in getting people protected from the virus and violate many state laws.”

Hundreds of colleges are requiring proof of vaccination, and there’s growing concern that students will get their hands on fake vaccination cards. The FBI says you’re breaking the law if you make or buy a fake.

“Misrepresenting yourself as being vaccinated and going into houses of worship going into gyms going into schools. It’s not only putting you at risk, but it’s also putting others at risk,” Public Affairs Specialist for the FBI Kansas City Division Bridget Patton said.

A FBI spokeswoman said using a government agency seal without permission is illegal, and you could face a fine and or up to five years in prison.