WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – The homeless population is most at-risk during this COVID-19 pandemic.

While many Americans are cleaning the shelves for toilet paper, the homeless will not even have access to a toilet due to many public places closing their doors.

When the need is expressed, it’s in the moment, it’s urgent and usually the person is overwhelmed with distress.

John Moses, Executive Director – Youth Services System

The pandemic hit the Ohio Valley just as the Winter Freeze Shelter was closing for the season, bringing more hardship to the homeless.

The places where people would get water, there would be water stations. They would go into Catholic Charities and fill their jug with water. But Catholic Charities is like all the other restaurants or places to eat, it’s takeout only so, they can not longer fill their jugs with water.

Tammy Kruse, Director of Development – Youth Services System

Street MOMs will continue to be present in the community. In fact, they have already setup a quarantine house for individuals who may feel ill.

We do have a house if they do become sick, we have a quarantine house on 14th Street so if they do become sick we have a place for them to go. That’s through Kate Marshall, House of Hagar.

Lynn Kettler, Street MOMs

If you would like to contribute to Street MOMs or donate, please call (304)-281-9967 or visit their Facebook page.

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