CHARLESTON, W.Va (WOWK) – The demand for increased testing is a direct result of the sharp rise in positive COVID-19 cases in the Mountain State over the past week. With summer travel underway, more positive cases are predicted.

With that in mind, Senator Joe Manchin toured Q-Labs in Charleston on Thursday. He said Congress needs to fund even more testing.

I am fighting because we put a lot of money in, and the federal government has put a lot of money in for testing. A person who does not have insurance or money to pay, should not be prohibited from getting a test. So, I’m glad that the state, I am glad that we’ve been doing different free testing, but we just don’t do enough of it. We need to do more.

Sen. Joe Manchin, (D) West Virginia

Q-labs is the only facility in the state that does testing from sample collection, to analyzing results on-site. Other labs send their samples out-of-state for analysis, and that can slow down the whole process.

So a lab is experiencing deficits in personnel or supplies, or even just speed of equipment, it affects the turnaround time, and that as a direct impact on patient care.

Mary Collins, Q-Labs of West Virginia

Q-Labs said Thursday it will be in Morgantown, to test every student, faculty and staff member before West Virginia University re-opens for the fall semester.

As for when there will be more money for testing, Senator Manchin said that will be determined when Congress returns to Washington, on July 20.