(RENO, NV CNN) Nevada is known for its legal adult entertainment–but these businesses have yet to reopen.

One brothel says while it’s waiting for guidance from the governor it’s already implementing new safety requirements.

Off the noisy interstate just east of Reno and Sparks, you will find the world-famous brothel, the Mustang Ranch, where things have been much quieter than usual.

Tara Adkins, a Mustang Ranch madam says, “It’s become frustrating now.”

Jennifer Barnes, another Mustang Ranch madam calls the situation “Very frustrating.”

The brothel shut its doors March 15 after the governor’s closure mandate of most businesses in Nevada,

Months later, he’s allowed others to open–like nail salons, massage shops and other businesses that allow close person-to-person contact.

But the legal brothels stay closed.

Barnes says, “We haven’t been told anything and that is really frustrating because there’s no communication.”

Rea has been what the Mustang Ranch calls an “independent contractor” for four years.

This single mother’s high-end income came to an abrupt halt.

Rea says of the shutdown, “I think it’s atrocious quite honestly. It not only hurts financially. Even your mental health stability of what’s next. How far can my savings carry me?”

Madams Jennifer and Tara says staff were already taking safety precautions, but now they are ready to kick it up a notch when they are allowed to reopen.

Before even stepping foot on property, staff will check your temperature. Before making it in the front door they’ll give you a mask and hand sanitizer.

Women may be tested for COVID and clients may be asked to wait in their cars or a waiting room.

Barnes says, “We want to keep our ladies safe and we want to keep our clients safe.”

The working women say they feel safe returning to work.

Rea, the Mustang Ranch contractor says she definitely feels safe, “Absolutely, absolutely.”

Adkins says, “A majority of this is just not about sex. Its just about companionship. We have a regular who has been burned from head to toe and he just wants to come in and have a conversation with a beautiful lady and not be looked at in an odd type of way. He’s been calling every day, every day wondering when we’re back open.”

The madams says they receive dozens of calls a day from clients wondering when they’ll open.

Their 250 employees and contractors want the same answer.

The madams offered Governor Sisolak a tour of their establishment so he can understand how this industry can open safely.

The ranch remains closed.