WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF) – There are now new guidelines for people testing positive for COVID.

The CDC has updated—and shortened—the recommended isolation time for those who test positive if they have no symptoms.

CDC recommends shorter COVID isolation, quarantine for all

Now they have to isolate for only five days, not ten.

Remember, asymptomatic means asymptomatic. No symptoms. So we have a lot of people who call in and we ask them, have you had any symptoms. They say no, all I’ve had is a sore throat. You’ve got a symptom! Having a mild cough or a slight fever—those are symptoms.

Howard Gamble, Ohio County Health Administrator

After the five days, they must then wear a mask for the next five days when in public.

There’s also a change in quarantine time for those who are exposed to COVID and are unvaccinated or overdue for their booster. They must quarantine for five days and then mask up for another five days after that.

Those who have gotten their booster do not need to quarantine if exposed.