BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) – Officials at the Belmont Health Department are seeing lighter symptoms, fewer hospitalizations and very few deaths with the current variant of COVID.

We have one in the hospital right now and we haven’t had a death in many weeks. We hope that continues. We are seeing a little bit of an uptick in COVID positives. Some of them we’re being informed of, some we’re not. We’re hearing in the community that with the availability of test kits, people are testing themselves and not letting us know if they’re positive.

Rob Sproul, Deputy Health Commissioner

But officials warn a possible surge could occur this fall and winter.

That leaves people wondering if perhaps they should delay getting their booster until fall, so their immunity will be at its highest when the virus is more prevalent.

Sproul said the answer may be in each individual’s antibodies.

People need to check their antibodies. Either contact their local physician to see where they can get tested, or talk to their physician to go over the state of their present health. They will be able to advise you whether to get their booster now or to wait. And each person is going to be different.

Rob Sproul, Deputy Health Commissioner

He said the health department has COVID vaccine available, but they are not able to do antibody testing there.

He disclosed one way to find out your antibody level for free.

Donate blood!

He said they will give you a printout of your antibodies, and you’ll be helping to save lives at the same time.