Still need the vaccine? Wheeling Health Right has shots ready for you


Wheeling, W.Va. (WTRF) – With unmasked faces now the norm in most public places, it’s easy to forget that the testing and vaccination efforts are still going strong.

And with the Delta variant on the rise, Wheeling Health Right is committed to stopping the spread however they can.

Through the ups and downs of the case numbers and percent positivity—Wheeling Health Right’s testing and vaccination efforts never stopped.

We deliberately put a push on it, just to encourage people to come back out and get tested and not be complacent.

Kathie Brown, Executive Director, Wheeling Health Right

They’re asking the public to come in and see them if they have any virus-related worries.

We’ve come a long way since March of 2020, and even local health providers have a wide variety of tools to flatten the curve.

The strongest of which, health officials say, are the multiple brands of vaccines now available to just about anyone 12 and older.

So how long does it take to get the jab?

15 minutes. You come in, you sign a paperwork so that you’re getting permission to get it, a nurse takes you in, gives you the vaccine, we ask you to wait 15 minutes, if you have no reaction which we’ve not had any reactions, we’ve been doing this for months now, then they leave and everything’s fine.

Kathie Brown, Executive Director, Wheeling Health Right

Then it’s just a quick follow-up appointment to get the second Pfizer dose—or none at all for the Johnson & Johnson shot.

It’s a personal choice, but I certainly encourage people to get the vaccine.

Kathie Brown, Executive Director, Wheeling Health Right

Some have wondered why the shots are important since the masks are going back on in many places.

Los Angeles reinstated its mandate a few weeks ago, and some businesses require face coverings without exception.

But Brown says getting to a critical mass of vaccinations is still important.

I’m old enough that I remember the days of the smallpox vaccine and the polio vaccine, it’s better to try to eradicate this, and if we can do herd treatment, then we want to do that.

Kathie Brown, Executive Director, Wheeling Health Right

She encourages those who choose not to get the shot to do what they’re comfortable with.

There’s still plenty of masks to go around, and Health Right’s office has both PCR and rapid tests if you’re worried you have symptoms.

So far, we’ve done fairly good, so we want to keep everybody healthy.

Kathie Brown, Executive Director, Wheeling Health Right

Wheeling Health Right is offering those tests Monday through Friday every week between 10 and 2.

They say a rapid test can read positive or negative within 10 minutes, and even the slower option only takes a day or two.

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