Two Pittsburgh students share quarantine experiences after one tests positive for COVID-19


'I had some chest pain and we were trying to figure out if I had Coronavirus or if it was just anxiety.'

PITTSBURGH, Pa. (WTRF) – Two students and roommates at the University of Pittsburgh are currently under quarantine after one tested positive for Coronavirus.

Both students are now speaking out about how they’ve weathered through this sickness.

The two returned home from Spain shortly before the travel ban and got tested for COVID-19.

By the time we were leaving they were shutting down boarders, and there were like 5,000 cases. It just exploded in Spain.


Symptoms are mild after nearly two weeks of following CDC guidelines. After visiting the Pittsburgh drive-thru testing site together, they got results back two days later.

Whenever I got the call, they were like 14 days, no interaction with anybody. And then go from there.


Kaylee was told that if her symptoms become escalated, she must call ahead to an emergency room to warn staff that she has Coronavirus and is coming in. However, Olivia’s test came back negative, but because of her close proximity and symptoms, she too is quarantining.

Olivia: I feel like I’m breathing with bricks on my chest. 7NEWS reporter Stephanie: Maybe it tested negative, but you think you have it? Olivia: Yeah.

Olivia: I had some chest pain and we were trying to figure out if I had coronavirus or if it was just anxiety. But all that really happened is I had a two-degree elevated temperature and a bit of a dry cough. If anything ,mine is even more mild than hers is.

Kaylee: My symptoms didn’t last too long, maybe four or five days and they were very mild.

Olivia & Kaylee, University of Pittsburgh students and roommates – currently quarantine

In a time where mom’s chicken noodle soup would come in handy, you’re placed on lockdown. No leaving the house and no one coming in.

Kaylee: My family did stop by, actually, and they waved to me through my window and dropped off some groceries, because I can’t obviously come into contact with anybody. So, we just talked on the phone through my window.

Olivia: My dad just had surgery, so he can’t come see me or anything. And I wouldn’t want to risk subjecting him to that.

Olivia & Kaylee, University of Pittsburgh students and roommates – currently quarantine

After 12 days, symptoms have dwindled to near nothing. But the roommates will follow the CDC’s protocalls and continue quarantining 14 more days after their symptoms are no more.

Stay calm, because freaking out isn’t going to help anything. Just follow the guidelines. Stay issolated. Take care of yourself. Stay healthy. Wash your hands.


Since being informed that she tested positive for Coronavirus, Kaylee was told she would hear back from the CDC. But, has not yet.

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