The Belmont County Health Department has been seeing about 50 people a day, coming in for both immunizations.

And they give them—one in each arm.

Monkeypox shot available in WV health departments

But it has made things a little challenging at the health department’s small office, so they’ve made a plan to make it easier for everyone.

“We have been kind of overrun a little bit here at the health department,” said Christine Jenewein, RN. “It’s kind of close quarters, not a lot of parking out there. So we’ve decided to have a drive-through clinic at OUE on October 12, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Enter from the Route 40 side. Bring your insurance cards, bring your COVID cards with you.”

Even if you don’t have insurance, the COVID booster is free.

But the flu shot is $35 for the regular and $75 for the high dose for age 65 and over.

Jenewein said the CDC is recommending that everyone get the flu shot by the end of October.