WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF) “It’s like COVID 3.0” says Dr. C. Clark Milton, medical director of corporate health at WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital.

“We’re entering the third year,” he said. “It’s physically and emotionally challenging. Omicron enters, we’re fearful, confused, seeking testing and basically saying here we go again.”

He said at this point, we know what to do.

He said vaccinations and boosters are the way out, but if that’s not for you, caution and hygiene protocols are vital.

And he says everyone—citizens and health care providers alike—need to cling to whatever helps you maintain your physical and emotional health.

He says that could be stretching, yoga, or meditation but not alcohol or drugs, which would make things worse in the long run.

He said if you look at COVID like it’s a football game, we might be in the fourth quarter if we maintain our physical and emotional balance and continue to do what we know works for us.