WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Youth Services System is a resource for the vulnerable youth throughout the Ohio Valley and those services aren’t stopping during the pandemic. But, how are they continuing to reach students while not in school?

Helping one middle school in every county from Hancock to Wetzel, a YSS coordinator reaches hundreds. Kids that previously attended group are now getting check-up calls, and in Marshall County alone, 400 students are getting guidance.
As the everyday-routine is taken away, anxiety rises, so kids need that extra level of support.

Think about some things that help you de-stress; maybe some puzzles and coloring books. That and much more is now being handed out at meal pick-up locations.

We’ve created some Facebook pages for our offices. So, my Facebook page is Miss Rager’s Office. So, my kids can get on there and see tons of different activities to do at home. Mindfulness practices, yoga, and every Wednesday in Marshall county, we pass out food bags.

We also have a lot of kids who have become care givers to younger siblings during this time.
So, it’s important, to us, that we offer them that super support.

Trista Rager, Expanded School Mental Health Coordinator with YSS:
(Moundsville Middle School)

Numbers like the Child Abuse Number and the Suicide Prevention Hotline have been handed out to students; showing there is always somewhere to turn.

The Mental Health Coordinator says it takes a village. They are here to help, and will be here through it all.

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