7News is following up locally about men’s heart health after Mississippi State Coach Mike Leach died following a complications from a heart condition.

We spoke to a cardiologist at WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital who shares ways men can help prevent some heart health complications.

WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital Cardiology Specialist, Dr. Deepak Hooda says heart health needs to be center stage in everyone’s life especially males ages 45 and up.

Getting screened regularly, staying on a healthy diet, and getting regular exercise is key to having a healthy heart.

“It is very important not only to initiate but to maintain your healthy lifestyle. What we do in the cath lab, we just rearrange the furniture. You have to get rid of all those blockages yourself, by your healthy choices, your diet, your lifestyle, your activity level and regularly going to the doctor, cardiologist, or family doctor.”

Dr. Deepak Hooda – MD, Cardiology Specialist

Risk factors that may cause heart blockages or heart attacks include smoking, blood pressure, family history, and cholesterol.