WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Although breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, the news of someone losing their battle does not come any easier. Olivia Newton-John remains a guiding light to not just women suffering from breast cancer, but also for everyone pushing through difficult times. 

Olivia Newton-John used her platform to become an advocate for all cancers – spending tons of time, energy and money building research organizations, clinics, and more. 

Most breast cancers today are identified by a screening mammogram, and often go unnoticed because the tumors can be small and not visible to the eye.  

Dr. Jondavid Pollock, chairman of radiation oncology at WVU Cancer Institute at Wheeling Hospital, says that yearly screenings and self-evaluations are extremely important in catching breast cancer early but following in Olivia Newton-John’s footsteps of having an optimistic outlook on life and your disease is scientifically proven to improve our immune systems. 

“Breast cancer and all cancers. Actually, any, you know, malady in healthcare – a positive attitude, optimism, enthusiasm – You’re not going to look forward to a disease, or being treated for a disease, but if you remain upbeat and positive there’s absolute evidence that shows that that benefits people.”

Dr. Jondavid Pollock – Chairman of Radiation Oncology at WVU Cancer Institute at Wheeling Hospital

A celebrity death is almost always a humanizing experience for diseases and cancers like this.  

The Grammy award winning singer, songwriter, actor, and activist’s legacy and journey with breast cancer should encourage everyone to keep up on examinations and check-ups, because no matter who you are – there is always risk involved. 

Olivia Newton-John was more enthusiastic over the fact that she was a paradigm regarding breast cancer than she was about being an international superstar – and that speaks volumes about the woman she lived her life as.