(WTRF) – Podcasts have become almost as popular to listen to as the radio. So, what if a short episode could save your life?

A cancer survivor, who was treated right here in the Ohio Valley, now has one of the top men’s health and wellness podcasts in the country. 

The creator and host said said he knows prostate cancer can be an uncomfortable topic. In fact, CDC statistics show it’s the second leading cause of cancer death among men in the United States. So, his podcast is here to ease the awkwardness.

Prostate Cancer Aware is hosted by Jonathan Chance. He’s a survivor of the illness, but he’s also an author, and now he’s giving men resources they need to make sure a diagnosis doesn’t happen to them.

All men are at risk for prostate cancer. I know because I had prostate cancer and I almost died because of lack of awareness.

Jonathan Chance, Prostate Cancer Survivor, Author, Podcast Host

A simple test that Jonathan Chance knew nothing about saved his life. 

Now he’s passing that knowledge on to other men. 

Chance is a prostate cancer survivor and the author of “Unaware” a book about his journey. He recently launched the “Prostate Cancer Aware” podcast. 

–> Unaware: One survivor’s mission to save other men from prostate cancer <–

We want men to talk as openly about prostate cancer and getting a PSA Test as women do about breast cancer and getting a mammogram. It’s time to end the silence.

Jonathan Chance, Prostate Cancer Survivor, Author, Podcast Host

The PSA Test is routine and it saved Chance’s life, but not many men know about it. So, this patient-centered podcast is meant to give men the information they need to advocate for their own health. 

Men just go to their doctor and the doctor say ‘this is what I think’ and they blindly just do it because their doctor tells them to. I want to give them a choice and I want to give them information.

Jonathan Chance, Prostate Cancer Survivor, Author, Podcast Host

Don’t worry, it’s not all in medical jargon. It’s easy to understand and fun!

Chance said he’ll have some celebrities on future episodes. One of the most recent features a conversation with Dr. Gregory Merrick, the doctor in Wheeling who Chance credits with his life. 

–> When cancer comes calling: A story of second chances <–

Other doctors I talked to, they were hard to understand. They talked in doctor jargon and I didn’t know what they were talking about, where Dr. Merrick would sit down and spend as much time with me. Of course, being a reporter, answer all my questions, but he did it in ways I could understand as a patient.

Jonathan Chance, Prostate Cancer Survivor, Author, Podcast Host

The short shows are meant to end the silence and start men on a health journey that includes routine doctors visits and a PSA Test. 

My goal is because of this podcast I hope to see deaths in the U.S. from prostate cancer go way down by the time we’re finished.

Jonathan Chance, Prostate Cancer Survivor, Author, Podcast Host

If you’d like to listen to Prostate Cancer Aware or find more information about Jonathan’s book “Unaware” or even about the PSA Test go to iknowmypsa.org. The podcast is also available on all major streaming services on your mobile device like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and iHeart Radio.