The incredible services offered at WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital were being celebrated at their annual gala fundraiser at Oglebay. Saturday night.

7News anchor Tate Blanchard got to meet this year’s featured patient and learned more about how the hospital made a big difference in his life.

Nicole White, the mother of the patient explained a little about her pregnancy, “I was induced at 37-weeks, with Thomas and I actually had a very successful delivery and Thomas was doing very well immediately following his birth.”

In just three short hours, Nicole and medical staff at the hospital where Thomas was born noticed he was struggling to breathe. He then spent his first night under an oxygen hood to help stabilize his breathing.

“It was determined the next day that he would need to be transported to WVU Children’s Medicine, because of the fact that he needed further support,” Nicole said.

On that second day of his life, Thomas was sent to Morgantown with his father. Being separated from his mother who hadn’t been released from the maturity ward to make the trip with her newborn son. Nicole spoke to the transport team and she immediately felt comfortable with the crew taking her baby.

“So, I came the very next day and immediately, I saw that he was in the best hands possible. He was in the critical care unit, and only two other children were in that unit with him, and he was getting one-on-one care,” Nicole added.

The team of skilled doctors and nurses monitored Thomas around the clock and his under-developed lungs got stronger and stronger with each passing day, and in two-weeks, Thomas was heading home with his parents. Now at the age of seven, Thomas is now an older brother.

“My sister’s name is Gianna and she’s five and my brother’s name is Nicholas and he’s three,” said Thomas White.

In our short time dealing with Thomas, it was evident that he is quite intelligent. He said he loves to teach Gianna and Nicholas new things, like math and reading. We asked Thomas about how well he does in school.

“I got two A’s at the whole beginning of school, and then for like the third quarter and beyond, I got S’s, and at the end of the year, I got star student,” Thomas said.

Fortunately, Thomas hasn’t had any health issues since he was two weeks old and doesn’t require any additional medical treatment outside of routine visits. His mom Nicole, said she is forever grateful for everything WVU was able to do.