Glen Dale, W.Va. (WTRF) – This is Heather.

The 22-year-old nursing student’s life ended tragically in an accident 14 years ago, but her presence is still felt throughout Wheeling and beyond.

You may have seen her face on billboards for the annual golf tournament in her honor, or heard about the dozens of lives she saved—all because she checked one little box.

Through no fault of her own, and the fact that she made the magnanimous gift of being an organ donor, the result of that crash was her organ donation, and she became a donor hero for so many.

Robert Horsey, CEO, Gifted Productions

Robert Horsey is the author of ‘Gifted’, a book about organ donation from the side of the families who give.

Now he’s hoping to take the story to streaming platforms with a docu-series: and Heather’s life is the pilot episode.

It will feature relatives’ stories from across the nation—the kind that Horsey saw in his 23 years as a critical care nurse.

He wants us to know that the physical parts of us that we take for granted are some of the most precious gifts we have.

Heather was able to gift her heart, both of her kidneys and her liver, and then she also donated tissue as well, which enhanced the lives of up to another 50 people.

Jody Miller, Heather Miller’s mother

Heather’s mom Jody is now an advocate and volunteer with the Center for Organ Recovery and Education, helping families find life-saving outcomes from the worst of hardships.

So complete strangers, our worst day ever, their best day ever.

Jody Miller, Heather Miller’s mother

Horsey says that there’s inspiration to be found in not just receiving a much-needed tissue—but in the selfless offering of it as well.

There is an organ shortage in this country, there’s over 100,000 people waiting for an organ, and 22 people die each and every day because they don’t get that organ. And none of that happens without organ donors.

Robert Horsey, CEO, Gifted Productions

Donors who know every day they spend on earth is a blessing, and have the love for others to share it—just like Heather did.

‘Gifted – The Docuseries’ is now raising funds for production.

Horsey says you can expect to see their cameras rolling in Wheeling in the fall or spring.