After six overseas deployments with the Army Corporal Eric McFarland started his career in law enforcement in South Carolina before coming home to the Ohio Valley.

Now as a 15 year veteran of the West Virginia State Police he’s working hard to catch criminals.

Just a week ago Corporal Eric McFarland did something he’s good at making a traffic stop and finding something out of the ordinary.

In this case two men illegally in the country hauling over 1 million dollars worth of marijuana from Colorado.

West Virginia State Police, Corporal Eric McFarland said, “You name it, I’ve probably found it.”

That is his specialty with the West Virginia State Police criminal interdiction a tactic he had to master during dangerous times serving our country.

McFarland said, “We were in Afghanistan we were in Candar city. I had been through some interdiction training and I was in the lead truck and noticed a guy that was walking down the street and the interdiction side of me was like there’s something wrong here. We ended up grabbing him and searching him and we actually found out that.”

Over the last 4 years he has seized over 1 million dollars in drugs over $90,000 in contraband.

His motivation to stay diligent? His 2-year-old son Shane.

“This is my home, I grew up here. You know I don’t want my son to grow up in an area that’s beaten down by the drugs like it is,” said McFarland.

He’s had cases go federal stopped gun runners, fraudulent credit cards and even though they’re just passing through Wheeling on I70 it’s making a difference.

McFarland said, “It could be one person over in Columbus that doesn’t overdose. If it’s money that’s proceeds of drugs, then that’s money that hurts them drug dealers that they don’t get to spend that money. If it’s credit cards, it could be my family member it could be my grandmother who’s credit card information in on that card and they’re spending her money. It could be your mother, it could be you.”

Although he makes a lot of arrests he tells me that’s not what it’s about it’s about keeping his friends and family safe.

“If I’m nice to everybody hopefully they’re nice in return to me, which, I’ve had that happen, I’ve had people that have been convicted of murder that sat there in the car and gave me everything that they had just because I was being nice to them,” said McFarland.

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