Paden City’s annual labor day celebration took place in Wetzl County this weekend. 

There was food, live music, and a 5k race throughout the long weekend with a parade as the cherry on top. 

Marching bands performed, people wearing tiaras waved, and labor unions along with countless others handed out tons of free candy. 

Even with all of the excitement, one local told us the celebration has changed over the years.  

Part of the changes were due to COVID, but it has been changing even before the pandemic. 

“We used to have a lot of entertainment.  We’ve had the Wallendas, we’ve had skydivers, we’ve had everything here that they have all over the world and people don’t realize what a treasure we did have.” 

Diana Cecil – Resident

Even with changes, the Labor Day celebration has held strong with this year being its 73rd