WEST LIBERTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — America has sent billions to Ukraine…but that could change in just two months.

The midterm elections put the GOP in charge of the House…and the party says Ukraine will no longer have what they call a ‘blank check.’

That’s in spite of President Biden’s $37 billion-dollar aid proposal he wants to pass before the new Congress is sworn in.

Many Republicans do want to continue the financial support, but some factions don’t.

West Liberty professor Dr. Brian Fitzpatrick says future aid could be blocked by what’s called the ‘Hastert Rule.’

If a majority of the majority party doesn’t support a proposal…it won’t be put up for a vote.

In terms of the number of Republicans who support aid to Ukraine, you kind of have the further right part of the Republican party that’s more isolationist at this point, ‘hey, we should focus more on domestic problems, less interventionist overseas,’ which is kind of a different Republican party than we saw 20 years ago, but politics change.

Dr. Brian Fitzpatrick, Assistant Professor of Political Science, West Liberty University

Dr. Fitzpatrick also says there’s less pressure on lawmakers to act in Ukraine.

Midterm polls showed that the international conflict is low on most voters’ priorities.