As Russia ramps up military drills and troop strength near Ukraine, concerns increase about a possible invasion of the Ukraine by Russian forces.

Several rounds of diplomatic talks have not produced significant results.

7News reached out to the priest at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Ukrainian Church in South Wheeling.

Father Jason Charron says he has definite concerns for the millions of Ukrainians who are directly affected, not just economically or culturally but in a life-or-death way.

He says there would be loss of life and millions of displaced refugees.

But he says the United States would not need to take military action if Russia invades because there’s actually a better way.

“I think that the United States could debilitate Russia simply by removing them from any electronic financial transactions internationally,” Father Charron said. “That would stifle them overnight.”

He says his wife is from Ukraine, and he has in-laws, a nephew and niece, former students and many extended family members there.

He says many of his parishioners have family there also.

“This is a very real concern that my family and my church are facing,” he concluded.