Russia’s invasion against Ukraine rages on with no end in sight, and many wonder: Is the US doing enough to help our ally Ukraine? 

So far, Ukraine has survived more than a hundred days of brutal attacks and killings. So, the Ukraine leaders meet with the US to discuss the ongoing situation. 

Ukraine’s military desperately tries to keep up with Russia’s. But hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers die every day, not including the innocent civilians. 

Senator Portman says our ally is in need of more help. 

Congress has made a decision to spend more dollars to help Ukraine fight back, but US leaders have different ideas of helping. Senator Portman continues to urge the Biden administration to send them more defensive weaponry. Other US leaders want to tighten economic pressure on Putin and bring Ukrainian refugees to the US.

Senator Portman says the US has helped a lot, but should do more. 

“What they’re asking for… ‘just give us the weapons so we have a fighting chance here’, and that’s what we’re starting to do, but too slowly in my view and with too few weapons. Both the UK and the United States are starting to provide them with these longer range weapons, but it’s too late for many people. In either case, I think we need to move much more quickly on it.”

Sen. Rob Portman, (R) Ohio

When Ukraine has the weapons, Senator Portman believes Ukraine is stronger than Russia, in part, because of their morale.

Now that Congress has agreed to spend the money to help Ukraine, Senator Portman just hopes they spend it wisely.