(WTRF) — A paramedic, on-scene of a fatal vehicle crash, unknowingly treated her own daughter according to WPVI-TV.

Jayme Erickson, a paramedic in Calgary, Alberta, was called to the crash on November 15. She sat with a girl, who was unrecognizable because of her injuries, on the way to the hospital after being extricated from a car.

Then the girl died.

Erickson went home at the end of the day and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police came to her home and told her that her patient was her 17-year-old daughter, Montana.

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WPVI-TV reported after interviewing Erickson that her daughter was a success at everything she set her mind to. She was an avid swimmer who had aspirations of becoming a lawyer. Erickson has a huge support system of family, paramedics, police officers, and firefighters to help her through the sad news.

A friend and flight paramedic, Richard Reed, was interviewed and while breaking down multiple times, had told how he attended the scene where the car had lost control and was struck by an oncoming truck. Reed shared that Erickson was the first person on the scene, and that she watched as the girl was extricated and transported to the hospital, completely unaware of who it was.

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Reed shared that Jayme was unknowingly keeping her own daughter alive.

Jayme was so distraught by the accident, but she shared that she will always remember her beautiful girl who fought until the end.