A clip of MSNBC analyst Matthew Dowd is going viral after he claimed on a segment with host Nicolle Wallace that if Jesus Christ was alive today he would be called a ‘groomer,’ a ‘socialist’ and ‘woke.’


Dowd said he has claimed this statement before, ‘If he was speaking the message he spoke in the Gospels today about treating everybody with dignity . Jesus Christ hung around with prostitutes and tax collectors. He was nailed to a cross because he spoke on behalf of the most marginalized people in the Middle East.’

Dowd continued, ‘ And the idea that certain segment of our population has tried to capture the faith and corrupt a message that I may have been a follower of since I was baptized and was confirmed and served on the altar, in the course of this, is something I think all of us, it’s not just people of faith, but all of us, whether your Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist whatever you happen to be or don’t have a faith at all. the message that love conquers hate is a message that all of us should be pushing especially Christians in our county who can not stand what has happened to our faith.’

Before Dowd was on the program, Wallace showed a clip of Michigan Democrat state Sen. Mallory McMorrow who is being accused of being a groomer and trying to  “sexualize” young children in schools and teach them about critical race theory, by Republican state Sen. Lana Theis.

Dowd is a former advisor to George Bush and Dick Cheney in 2004.