Just two dollars can change your life.

That’s the the message for customers at Smith’s Hilltop Sunoco, just outside of Bridgeport.

Two dollars, of course being the cost of a Powerball ticket.

The jackpot soared to nearly $800 million dollars, after Saturday’s drawing posted no winners. That makes it the fourth largest jackpot in the game’s history.

So will some lucky person take home the big prize tonight?

The big drawing is just a few hours away. And area businesses are also big winners as they see an increase in customers who are looking to cash in.

“When it gets that high, everybody wants to take a shot at the big money. So we sometimes get overcrowded and busy. The higher it gets, the more it’s picking up especially when it’s getting close to the billions everybody wants a piece of that pie.”

Timothy Jones, Store Manager, Smith’s Hilltop Sunoco

“Once the Powerball or even the Mega-Millions gets up higher we do see an increase of people coming to the mall. A lot more foot traffic, which is nice.”

Jackie Helms. Customer Service Associate, Ohio Valley Mall

The last Powerball jackpot reached just over a billion dollars, making it the third largest prize in the lottery’s history.

The cut-off time for buying tickets is 8:59 tonight, so you still have plenty of time to take your chances on the big prize.

Now remember you can see that drawing live tonight on WTRF-CBS at 11 o’clock.

Best of luck to everyone, hopefully we have a local winner.