BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) – The first group of youngsters has started a new juvenile court program called CrossFit For Change.

There are six participants, ages 13 through 16, both boys and girls, who are reporting to Ohio Valley CrossFit with their mentors as part of their sentence.

Judge Albert Davies said they may be in trouble for things like alcohol use, petty theft or disorderly conduct, but they’re just in need of some mentoring and structure.

We can promote a child’s physical, mental and emotional well-being in this program. The kids are going to be working side-by-side with their mentors, probation officers and their peers. They’ll also get mental health counseling in conjunction with their program and they’re going to learn some valuable information about healthy lifestyle options.

Judge Albert Davies, Belmont County Juvenile Court

It’s a six-month long program, but kids can stay in longer if they want.

They ultimately hope to get ten to 15 kids involved.

Judge Davies said it was made possible by support from the Belmont County Mental Health & Recovery Board, United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley, the Belmont County Health Department, OV CrossFit and the county probation officers.