Colin Kaepernick’s TV show, Colin in Black & White. is currently streaming on Netflix and one of the segments on the show is currently going viral.

In one of the episodes, Kaepernick discusses popular TV characters Steve Urkle and Carlton Banks and calls these characters ‘Acceptable Negros.’

Kaepernick says shows such The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Family Matters ‘share archetypal Black characters, including social outcasts who assimilate or conform.’

‘White people love these dudes.’ says Kaepernick, ‘From the way they dress, the way they talk, even the way they dance. It’s all so non-threatening.’

Kaepernick then goes on to give the definition of ‘Acceptable Negro.’

‘The Acceptable Negro is a Black character who inhabits white characteristics who makes white people feel comfortable.’

Kapernick continued saying ‘ The acceptable Negro is a white man’s creation. Thing is, white people, don’t get to decide who’s acceptable to us.

You can watch the clip from Colin in Black & White below.