WHEELNG, W.Va.- (WTRF) For many years women wouldn’t wear white after Labor Day, even saying they were following some kind of Labor Day law, but that may in fact, be a rule that never really existed.

Have you ever heard someone say to you that Labor Day is the last chance to wear white?

Some say you should stick with wearing white from Memorial Day to Labor Day and that’s it.  

7News Reporter Aliah Keller says, “I’ve never followed that rule before. I actually love that freedom to be able to wear any color of the rainbow and beyond.” 

“Actually I really don’t have that much of a choice. I have to wear a white dress shirt this for my job, so unfortunately I am going to have to violate that rule,” says 7News Reporter Colin Roose jokingly.

Does this pertain to accessories like your white purse, white shoes and even white fingernail polish too?

Shannon Payton, who owns Payton’s Pretties at The Highlands in Wheeling, adds, “After Labor Day, don’t put away your white accessories. Keep your purses out, your shoes, even your nail polish. Use other colors to be your pop for your accessory items and use your whites year round.” 

The consignment boutique owner offers her perspective on the matter. 

“It’s a total myth and there’s a lot of nice pops of color that you can pair with your whites after Labor Day, so don’t be afraid and take that plunge and continue to purchase white items after this weekend.” adds Payton.

Carol Myers, a sales associate at Payton’s Pretties, first learned about this potential myth when she started working at the boutique. 

“Over the last few years I’ve learned that is a wives tale, not necessarily a truth, and so you can wear white all year round no matter what,” says Myers.

Lisa Bronchik, who owns the Label Three Boutique in Wheeling’s Centre Market, believes that this is just a silly myth too.  

Bronchik says, “I think if you feel good in it you should wear it all year round. They sell white turtlenecks, white boots and I definitely wear white all year round. I just think if you feel good in it, wear it!” 

Whether you wear white after Labor Day or not, the choice is really up to you because honestly these days when it comes to style anything really goes.

Payton says, “I really believe that it’s just a transition away from that type of thinking, that white is your cut off to wear after Labor Day. Maybe your white Keds, otherwise, keep going with those whites.” 

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