Tuesday, April 16 marked the 12-year anniversary of the Viriginia Tech shooting that took 32 lives, the dealiest shooting in U.S. history at the time.

Since then, that number has increased and federal gun control legislation fails to be enacted. However, some lawmakers are hopeful that the country will see some changes in 2019.

Many saw the passing of the HR-8, a bill that requires universal background checks, as a positive sign.

“Even though we need to protect second amendment rights, there are basic gun safety requirements,” said Virginia Sen. Mark Warner. 

Neverhtless, George Washington Political Science Professor Gary Nordlinger isn’t as optimistic.

“You’re not going to get any gun changes as long as you have Republicans that control the Senate and the White House,” said Professor Nordlinger.

Even with recent progress on the Trump Adminstration ban on bump stocks, gun control advocates are pushing for a stronger legislation.

“If we really want to honor those students killed at Virginia tech. we need to put in place appropriate gun safety restrictions,” said Sen. Warner.