Greyhound racing is cruel from start to finish.

Christine Dorchak – Grey2K President and General Counsel

Federal legislation has been introduced to ban greyhound racing. 

Six representatives from various states introduced the bill following Florida’s ban, which was the US greyhound racing capitol.  

What house 3335 looks to do, is set a federal standard against the cruelty of dog racing.  It will shut down commercial greyhound racing in the United States.

Christine Dorchak – Grey2K President and General Counsel

But another large group is not opposed to greyhound racing because of the economic benefits.

One of those is West Virginia State Senator Ryan Weld who does not agree and said he supports greyhound racing in West Virginia.

The jobs it creates for my constituents that live here in my district.  The economic opportunities that it provides for this area and again for those who work in it.

Ryan Weld – WV State Senator

There are currently only 4 tracks in operation across the county. 

Of those four, two have announced wind downs over the next couple of years.  So that will leave just West Virginia with two tracks. 

Christine Dorchak – Grey2K President and General Counsel

And one of those tracks is here at the Wheeling Island Hotel, Casino, and Racetrack.

One major issue some have with greyhound racing is the conditions they claim the dogs live in.

State senator Weld has seen where the dogs live, and says that’s not the case.

I’ve seen first hand their conditions.  I’ve seen how well they’re taken care of.  I’ve seen the care that the people who work there give to them and how much they care about the dogs themselves.

Ryan Weld – WV State Senator

If this bill does get passed, Wheeling Island Hotel, Casino and Racetrack could only be known as Wheeling Island Hotel and Casino.