BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) – The one-mill library levy costs the average household about $30 a year but their taxes won’t go up one cent.

It’s just a renewal.

They lend more than 212,000 items every year to about 40,000 patrons.

We serve everyone from birth all the way up through senior citizens. We have programs for small children, we call it Toddler Tales, all the way up through our seniors. When they’re no longer able to visit us at the library, we have a homebound program where we’re able to take library materials out and deliver to them.

Anthony Orsini, Belmont County District Library Director

It’s not just books. There are CDs, DVDs, e-books and magazines.

It’s a place to use the computers, or just the wifi.

Tamara Hocker’s grandchildren love a trip to the library.

We like all the different activities; The books, the coloring sheets, and as you can see, they are quite enjoying it.

Tamara Hocker, Library Patron

We have Toddler Tales at almost all our branches, and there’s singing and rhymes and dancing and things. We have story time for kids who are a little bit older—two and up. We’re never going to turn anybody away. If you’re like ten, just come hang out with us!

Anessa Keifer, Children’s Librarian

They say the levy keeps the library going.

It provides no extras or luxuries.

It is half of our funding. It is something that provides our everyday services. It covers the cost of our materials, our staff our buildings. It’s not something that’s extra, that we could survive without.

Anthony Orsini, Belmont County District Library Director

If it passes, they might be able to bring back a beloved item that the state funding cuts in 2008 forced them to eliminate—a bookmobile.

It would be amazing to get a bookmobile. It would be the coolest thing ever!

Anessa Keifer, Children’s Librarian

At the Martins Ferry Library, they even have a giant spider plant, and they give away the little spider plant babies.

It seems there’s something for everybody at the library.

The levy supports all six libraries in the district: Martins Ferry, Bridgeport, Bethesda, Flushing, Shadyside and Powhatan Point.