WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF)– Artists from the Ohio Valley and beyond gathered in Wheeling to create something special.  

Over on 15th Street they have been hard at work, using their unique talents to paint murals.  

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Each artist created a design and spent hours bringing it to life. 

Event planner Logan Schmitt says it is always great when we come together, learn, and collaborate.  

So, this is Clientele Art Studio and it’s a gallery and event space. There’s a little bar as well and a retail section.

Basically, we got a bunch of four by 8-foot plywood sheets that we primed a bunch of local artists came out and we’re painting them and they’re going to be put in different city parks and then potentially on different buildings and public areas of Wheeling.

Logan Schmitt, Event Planner 

He says his goal is to provide Wheeling with more public art and inspire the community.  

As well as showcase the talented artists who made the murals.  

So keep an eye out because those will be popping up around the Friendly City shortly.