STEUBENVILLE, Oh. (WTRF) — 7News spoke to the Diocese of Steubenville on their take away from the Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade.

Bishop Jeffrey Monforton says he is encouraged but remains guarded with the decision.

Bishop Monforton says this as a positive step in the progress for our country to respect all human life, but it’s not a time for them to exercise overconfidence.

He continues saying the decision has been sorely needed for several decades.

Bishop Monforton says he hopes Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania will become sanctuary states for all human life from conception to natural death.

How we respect unborn life predicates just how we respect all life and to respect human life from the earliest stages shows that we all are equal. We are not utilitarian in our society here that this person doesn’t do as much as the other or that they have less value. No, we are all equal definitely in God’s eyes and hopefully the church will continue to promote that truth.

Bishop Jeffrey Monforton – Diocese of Steubenville

The Catholic Church in the Steubenville Diocese and throughout Ohio had many options for assistance to help those who need it.

Those include community and family centers, infant mortality services and after-school activites along with domestic violence and homeless shelters.