WHEELING, W.Va. — Southwestern Energy (SWN) announced in a press release that employees volunteered alongside Ohio County Family Resource Network (OCFRN) and stocked blessing Boxes with canned goods and household items to support Ohio Valley families in need.

The company also donated $5,0000 for OFCRN’s emergency assistance program this summer, providing parenting, family, and child development services for impoverished area residents.

The Blessing Box program was launched in 2021 in West Liberty and Valley Grove because they were the furthest distance from regional food pantries.

The program expanded across Ohio County, with additional locations in Bethlehem, South Wheeling, Elm Grove, and Greggsville established during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Community members and volunteers regularly restock these boxes- outdoor storage sheds with shelves that anyone can access 24/7 – with non-perishable items, household items, and cleaning supplies.

Southwestern Energy set up donation drives across their offices in the area to collect items for the program.

The goal of Blessing Boxes is to remove access barriers to healthy food and other essential needs.

To support or learn more about OCFRN’s programming, visit ofcrn.com.

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