WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – A local group is coming together to discuss, educate, and combat the extremely serious issue of human trafficking that they say is not only an issue worldwide but also right in the tri-state area. 

The group – newly named “Ignite Hope” – is preparing for their seminar scheduled for August 17 at 6:00 p.m. at the Wheeling Park Sonneborn Shelter. 

This all sparked after the members of Ignite Hope saw the movie “The Sound of Freedom.” 

They are inspired to answer the question of “What can we do?” when it comes to human trafficking locally and provide a platform for those who are seeking that answer. 

”We have a movement right now, and I think people are wanting to stand up to help fight against it. And the main thing that we want to stress is public awareness. It’s education awareness, and then we’ll find out what the action is. And we have a lot of people that are in the community that’s fighting this battle and we have to pray for them. It’s a dark place. So, my prayer is that everyone comes out looking for solutions and be a part of the solution.”

Stacy Gilson – “Ignite Hope” Group Leader

Stacy says that she has contacted everyone from local leaders to those in Charleston and has had endless support. 

The seminar on August 17 will provide information on local resources to help educate the general public on the issue of human trafficking and how they can help.